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Es ist soweit und - passend zum Erscheinen des zweiten Bandes des Juwels - habe ich endlich die Chance bekommen Amy Ewing zu interviewen! Vor einem Jahr habe ich sie das erste Mal angeschrieben und gefragt und nun hat es endlich geklappt! Das Interview ist komplett auf Englisch, ich wünsche euch aber ganz viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Über die Autorin 

AMY EWING ist in einer Kleinstadt in der Nähe von Boston aufgewachsen und hat in New York Kreatives Schreiben studiert. Die Autorin wohnt im New Yorker Stadtteil Harlem und verbringt ihre Zeit mit Schreiben, Käse essen und gelegentlichem Schauen von »Vampire Diaries«-Folgen. Der erste Band ihrer Trilogie ›Das Juwel‹ war gleich ein SPIEGEL-Bestseller.


Hello Amy. Thank you so much for your time for an interview :)
1. My first question is - when did you know that you want to become an author and why?

I never imagined myself writing as a career—I always wanted to be an actor growing up and that’s what I studied in school. But acting didn’t work out for me and when I got laid off from my job when the economy collapsed in 2008, I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do. So I decided to try my hand at a YA fantasy book, and then I got accepted to graduate school and the rest is history! I love telling stories and making up worlds and living in my imaginary friends’ heads.

2. How would you describe yourself?

I think I’m a pretty positive, optimistic person. I like to laugh, I like to have fun. Which is definitely at odds with all the darkness in my stories! Maybe that’s how I balance myself.

3.  What inspires you to a new story and what are you doing if you've got an idea for a story? Are you planning everything in detail or are you writing until there's an end?

Inspiration comes anywhere, at any time—there’s no rhyme or reason to it. THE JEWEL came from an action movie. My next series came from a writing exercise I had to do for a panel I was on. You never know when the next idea will strike. As far as planning, I wish I could say I outline everything down to the last detail but the truth is I love wading through a story and discovering things as I go. Many times the characters will direct me and often surprise me as I write. 

4. How did you get the idea for the Surrogates and the places like The Jewel, the swamp and so on?

I knew I wanted to create a female dominated society and explore how cruel women can be to their own gender on a fantastical level. Buying another woman’s body is one of the worst things I could imagine, and using that body for forced breeding made sense in the world I was envisioning. As far as how the circles came about, I knew I wanted to create a self sustaining city. Which would require agriculture, manufacturing, a merchant class, a ruling class, and a labor class. Thus, the Marsh, the Farm, the Smoke, the Bank, and the Jewel. 

5. Your books - especially the first book of "The Jewel" - really did something with me. I know that it is one of my most favourite books and so I would like to know: How did you feel by writing the book? Was it important for you to use some 'brutal' elements? What thoughts have been around you and have you ever thought of getting your books as someone's favourites?

I’m so happy you like the book! It is every author’s dream to write someone’s favorite book. Writing is hard and always comes with its share of self doubt and frustration—I like to say that every book is its own little beast. But when you finally get to see it in real life book form, the hard work is so worth it. And even better when you hear someone has connected with your story and characters! As far as brutal elements, I think darkness demands to be explored. The world I created was glittering and luxurious but with this scary underbelly. I like juxtaposing those types of things. And I think it suits the world.

6. Which character of "The Jewel" is your favourite and why?

Hahaha, don’t make me choose! I love them all. But I will say the Duchess, because she is so layered, because you are never sure if you want to hit her or hug her. She’s not a typical villain—she has a softness to her sometimes. She was very challenging yet rewarding to write. I’d love to write her origin story one day, see her growing up as a teen in the Jewel. 

7. Can you imagine "The Jewel" as a movie? Do you want it to get a movie? Who should play Violet if it happens? And which other actors would you choose?
I would love for it to be a movie! I do have a film agent, but nothing is in the works at the moment, sadly. I cannot cast Violet—I think I am too close to her, there is no one I can imagine playing her. But the Duchess was always Lucy Liu, from the very beginning. And Ash is based (physically) on Paul Wesley aka Stefan from the Vampire Diaries! Though he is probably too old to play Ash now…but still super sexy J

8. Are there already more books in progess? What kind of story would you like to write after "The Jewel"?

Yes, I have a whole new series that will be coming out in 2018! It’s much more straight fantasy, and more complex—multiple narrators, multiple settings and cultures, and a whole new brand of magic. It’s called THE CERULEAN and I could not be more excited for it!! 

9. Anything else you want to say? :)

Thank you so much for having me!! And massive hugs to all my German readers—you guys are the best!

Thank you so, so much for your time and the opportunity to ask you all these things! I'm very excited for all your other books!

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